What can simulation training do for IT service management?

  • Mairead Quigley
  • May 19, 2016 5:23:40 PM
  • itsm

Let’s imagine, for a moment, a FTSE100 chief executive arriving late at a conference session. She’s running for a room where she expects to be listening to an inspirational TED talk from senior leaders about innovative business models and the new digital economy. She’s looking forward to a discussion on strategy and direction – one she’ll come away from with new ideas about how to lead her company.


The Rise Of Gamification- As- A- Service


Enterprise interest in gamification is on the rise, and rightly so. Employee engagement is at an all time low, and businesses face continual pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity. Traditional strategies that address these challenges too often negatively impact staff morale (and often staff numbers). Gamification is a rare innovation that not only delivers bottom line impact, but does this whilst engaging people and increasing morale. It’s a win win, and realisation of this is starting to grow.

Not surprisingly, there remains stigma around the term itself. C-level executives and decision makers can be too quick to dismiss any strategic initiative that contains any references to ‘games’. Gamification is not about playing games though; it’s about