Why E-Learning Doesn't Work

  • Aisling Duncan
  • Mar 17, 2017 10:13:23 AM

Training is an inevitable part of any business and selecting the right type of training method is becoming more crucial than ever to ensure a productive workforce. The perceptions of e-learning as a training platform has seem to come in a full circle from its early days. Initially it was perceived as interactive, distance learning for engaging users and a valuable delivery medium. But it now seems like the glory days of E-learning are over and can make learning and training less personal, less engaging and in the process less effective.



  • Mairead Quigley
  • Mar 15, 2017 11:54:59 AM

IT Service Management has evolved greatly over the last few years. It is no longer just a set of practices that helps aligns technology and end users, it is now the single most important function for driving business value in todays digital enterprise. It's now more important than ever for your people to understand the importance and scope of ITSM functions, tools and processes.

The IT landscape is changing significantly and it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of change. A recent Forbes and BMC report has found that 50% of IT Executives state that as a result of ongoing transformation, they require more training and skills development to be able to cope with demand*. Also, it is becoming increasingly apparent that deficient IT skills and lack of understanding of core business services are greatly inhibiting IT and Business alignment.

5 Ways To Engage People During Transformation

  • Mairead Quigley
  • Feb 3, 2017 9:55:50 AM


Transformation in business it taking place every day. Organizations are constantly evolving in order to meet increasing customer expectations. The scale of change can range from smaller transformation initiatives such as the implementation of a new system or process, to much larger transformations such as mergers and acquisitions that will require a significant cultural shift.