Do I Need a Service Management Office (SMO)?

We are often asked, "Do I NEED a SMO?" To which we often reply, "Are you trying to run services effectively?"

A formal Service Management Office (SMO), in some form, is a necessary component of any effective ITSM program.  It is the guiding vessel and ensures proper oversight, governance and continuous improvement of all critical processes.  The format and structure of the SMO depends greatly on the size of the organization and how the individual processes are managed.

Does your SMO need one person or 50 designated people? 

In a large organization, the SMO plays the role of...


The Service Management Office: Not Just For IT

Can your service management office support enterprise service management initiatives?

You bet. A service is a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks. Service Management is Service Management whether it is within the IT function or not. All of the functions within an organization provide services via processes associated with that function and should be concerned with the ability of the associated processes to deliver value.  Applying a service-focused approach to these functions in all areas of the organization is Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Enterprise service management initiatives fit perfectly with the SMO's mission and design.


Can the SMO provide the type of value it does for the IT to the whole organization?


What is YOUR ITSM or Service Management Office Vision?

We are looking for sample IT service management or Service Management Office (SMO) mission and vision statements. Will you share yours below?