G2G3 nominated for Professional Service Management Award

G2G3 are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for a prestigious Special Innovation Award for training delivery at the ITSMF Professional Service Management Awards in London at the Landmark Hotel on 7th June 2017.


What the $%&* is a Simulation Event?

As part of our ongoing quest to help IT organizations make positive impacts, we constantly beat one drum.  BUILD COMMON VISION.


How To Convince Your Boss It's Time For Real ITIL Training

Today is the day you are going to approach the boss about taking ITIL certification classes, but you need a strategy. Smart move thinking ahead, but what is your line of attack? With the economy being what it is, you are going to have to justify the expense. The boss is a shrewd business person who needs to understand the bottom line before signing off on advanced training. You definitely need a plan. You might start by explaining what ITIL is in terms anyone can comprehend.