Why Your IT Staff Lost Inspiration

by Ida Perceval


Wearables:  Accelerating Digital Transformation

Technology is invading our personal space, the line between personal and professional worlds is growing increasingly blurred. People today are pretty much inseparable from their technology, whether it be their smartphones, laptop or tablet.

At the GSummit conference in June I was sat in a room where nearly half of the delegates raised their hand when asked if they had replied to an email in the middle of the night,

Organizational Change And The Communist Manifesto

It may surprise some people to know that the authors of 'The Communist Manifesto' had the same challenges which G2G3 help their customers with every day. At first glance this may look like a strange match up. We aren’t remotely political and the manifesto doesn't provide too much useful insight into how IT Operations should evolve through the early 21st Century. It’s also a little bit light on some of the finer detail around Incident and Problem Management. (On the plus side it provides some interesting thoughts regarding the Financial Management process and the distribution of resources!)